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Aerospace and Defense Industry Experts

aerospace assembly lineDMC has been delivering expert engineering solutions for the aerospace industry since 1996. Our extensive experience spans multiple technologies, industries, and processes, allowing us to leverage best practices and deliver solutions designed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry.

As an industry leader, we deliver innovative, highly performant, mission critical test systems for R&D, testing, validation, and manufacturing applications. Using open platforms and the most advanced technologies, DMC delivers systems that are ready for the future, today. We will architect, program, build, validate, and commission your system for optimal operation.

How Can DMC Help?

dmc battery test standDMC provides long term value to our clients with solutions that are easy to own, operate, and maintain. DMC can provide all design documentation and source code along with training for end users and developers. DMC designs open platform solutions build around COTS hardware. We use industry-leading tools to ensure a high level of system reliability, service and support.

Our large team of expert engineers has extensive aerospace industry experience and is located in offices across the US, supporting clients worldwide. We have completed many large-scale manufacturing and automated test projects, delivering multidisciplinary solutions that are not available from singularly-focused organizations.

Technologies We Work With

DMC's expertise in the aerospace industry allows us to implement solutions utilizing a diverse set of hardware platforms and software stacks.

Our automated test solutions can be built on a variety of platforms including National Instruments hardware and United Electronic Industries, and software such as LabVIEW, .NET and more.

DMC's experience in aerospace automation and system integration spans everything from specification development to full-scale project development to comissioning services. We provide solutions for PLCs, HMI/SCADA, MES, Robotics and more, leveraging all of the major automation equipment manufacturers and software providers.

Aerospace Test & Measurement Systems

Aerospace systems serve mission critical roles, and rigorous testing is nothing short of essential.

From R&D through production, aerospace components must undergo extensive validation to ensure the quality and reliability of the system. DMC develops specialized and custom equipment to test a wide array components and systems, spanning all test domains.

Invest in test and build value through quality with DMC’s proven testing solutions.

Test Systems Specialties:


Product Life Cycle Testing

R & D
Product Validation
Quality, & Endurance Test
Production & EOL Test
Maintenance & Monitoring


Aerospace Manufacturing Execution & Automation

DMC provides many different manufacturing automation solutions in the aerospace industry to reduce start up time, track quality and completeness of manual assembly operations, and integrate equipment.

aircraft testingWe work with OEMs to ensure compliance on technologies they are not familiar with, implement integration when equipment lands on the line (commissioning), and apply new technologies to the system.

Automation Capabilities of Aerospace Industry

  • Automated Sub System Assembly Equipment
  • MES/MOM solutions to provide Electronic Work Instruction (EWI)
  • AGV Programming
  • Equipment & Virtual Commissioning
  • Automated Machine Tooling
  • Automated Work Stands
  • Assembly Track & Trace


National Instruments certifies DMC as an industry expert in providing complete measurement and automated systems. DMC is also recognized as a National Instruments Vision Specialty Partner as well as a SystemLink Specialty Alliance Partner. 


Learn more about our partnership with National Instruments.

Furthermore, DMC is a premier Siemens Solution Partner and Rockwell Automation Gold System Integrator. We are a member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) and passed a rigorous, third-party audit of over 200 criteria.

Our partnerships and certifications recognize that we are leading industry experts. Learn more about all of DMC’s Partnerships.

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