Working With DMC


Working With DMC

Working With DMC

DMC's Customer Service Policy

DMC's customer service policy is intentionally simple, empowering and highly effective: If It Is Within Reason, Make It Happen.

Per our Core Values, everyone at DMC is empowered and expected to independently accomplish tasks for the benefit of DMC and our Customers.

Since 1996 DMC has been servicing customers big and small in a wide range of industries with a very large array of needs. The types of customers we service include:

  • Large, established manufacturing companies
  • High-Tech technology startups
  • Governmental and Institutional Laboratories
  • Mid-Sized Manufacturing Companies
  • Machine Builders and other system integration companies

Why work with DMC? We are a great fit for customers that find themselves in some of the following situations:

  • Challenging or complex technical need
  • Require improvements with a focus on ROI
  • Aggressive schedule that needs to be met
  • Need to ramp up on a new technology

Collaborative Approach
We understand that the best solution will come from a combination of efforts – yours and ours. We work with you to make sure you have a full understanding of the technologies we use, and we always keep you in the loop.

Smart Solutions
We employ the brightest minds available to design your system. As a result, the solution we deliver will be designed with extensive analytical thought as well as empirical experience.

Clear Explanations
The technology involved with our systems can be difficult for even seasoned engineers to understand. You can count on the expert consultants at DMC to help you understand the technology we’re recommending so that you can make informed decisions about your project.

On-Time Focus
Perhaps the most important aspect of working with DMC is that we work with you to actually get the project done on time. We've completed thousands of projects and know what it takes to get the job done.

Knowledge Transfer
We can train your internal engineering staff on the technology and details of the system delivered. This will allow them to easily adjust the system in the future, saving you time and money when changes are required.

New Possibilities
The expert engineers at DMC have worked on countless projects across several different industries. They can help you uncover options for expanding your system's utility and connectivity in ways you may not have known were possible.