DMC Testimonials


DMC Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

Yaskawa Electric America

Yaskawa Electric America

Our company has used DMC's services quite extensively over the past few years to supplement our internal development staff. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, we have rigorous documentation and product quality standards. The DMC engineers have consistently impressed us with their high level of professionalism, engineering expertise, superb communication skills, flexibility and attention to detail. DMC has far surpassed our expectations and I would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend their services to others.

Ty Phillips

Software Development Manager

Siemens Building Technologies

Siemens Industries Building Technologies

DMC provided very good technical knowledge and support both in person and over the phone. Early planning in laying out tasks helped the project run smoothly. Solid teamwork.

William Foley

Senior Applications Engineer



I recently had the pleasure of working with DMC on a substantial project involving software development for a gasoline engine motoring test fixture. Used in a production environment, the fixture utilizes complex signature analysis to detect misassembled products. We needed a company that could deliver engineering expertise and software promptly, as development schedule was very aggressive. DMC was able to envision final product from the beginning and continually follow through with elegant solutions. They truly took ownership and pride in their end of the project, ultimately resulting in an outstanding working relationship and final product. We will continue to work with and recommend DMC for future projects.

Jeff Wasil

Associate Engineer


Etlon Corporation

ETLON CORPORATION is a small U.S. OEM machinery builder for the printing industry. We compete globally and therefore rely on design ingenuity and technology to keep us ahead of our competition. By selecting DMC as our Integrator we feel that we have stayed true to this. Their employees are “tops” in their fields and they bring vast amounts of experience and knowledge to the table. When challenges have arisen they have offered thoughtful suggestions and alternative solutions. In our relationship with DMC, they have consistently displayed a positive, “can do” attitude and are extremely professional and timely on project completions. I cannot recommend them enough!

Phil Nolte


Bond Corporation

Bond Corporation

Bond Corp. has worked with DMC for well over 10 years. We have always found them to be reliable, effective and efficient offering innovative solutions to our production equipment issues. They fully understand the meaning of "a mutually beneficial relationship". I look forward to working with them for many decades to come.

Bill Lyman

Bond Corp.



We are in a very competitive automotive marketplace. DMC created and integrated a packaging control system for us that gave Semblex a significant leg up on our competition. Thank you, DMC.

Jack Prager

Project Manager


Fusion Systems

Danny - I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy collaborating with DMC on many different projects!

Phil Lullo

VP of Operations


Carlson Tool

About five years ago, when I was at Tennant co. Louisville, I was having some machine problems (Main Brooms) relating to the control. I called Ken’s cell phone, he was on the tollway near an oasis got out fired up his laptop connected to Wifi and was able to correct the problem remotely in about 15 mins. Not only was the customer impressed so was I . Thanks!

John Carlson


Harrington Hartley

Harrington Hartley & Sons, Inc

I was contacted by an overseas client requesting urgent assistance to replace a Carbon Regen Oven HMI unit. After contact a number of companies only one came to our assistance, Matt Puskala with DMC Engineering + Software Services. Matt immediately contacted our customer and offered a number of possible solutions to the problem. Ultimately, the solution involved an on-site service call overseas. Matt worked closely with our client and solved their problems promptly, ensured the problem totally resolved and provided on-site employee training. I highly recommend DMC Engineering + Software company and plan on using their service whenever the need arises in the future.

John Landwehr

VP of Business Development



Working with DMC to implement Sharepoint Services and KPI’s was excellent. DMC coordinated the project and minimized the level of work required on our side. In the end the project was completed on time, within budget and correct. I will recommend them to anyone looking to implement Sharepoint.

Craig Van den Avont



DMC goes that extra mile to insure that my needs are met. Having worked with other engineering companies in the past, DMC’s engineers and staff have proved to be a notch above the rest. The people at DMC are professional, intelligent, and easy to work with, and customer service is outstanding. I will continue to work with DMC and I have no reservations in recommending them.

Paul Stechman

Operations Manager

Metal Parts Manufacturer

I have used DMC for over 10 years. DMC employees are a team of qualified & dedicated engineers, the “cream of the crop”. I found their services to be highly professional, providing extraordinary support for our needs, helping us in every possible way and they are very reliable. I would put them in the category of expert in complex motion control programming being extremely knowledgeable. I have very high regard for DMC, Inc. without any reservations.

Manager, Machine Design Department

National Research Institution

DMC, through closely embedded collaboration, has quickly and effectively responded to our complex testing needs and consistently delivered. Where most support often involves costly downtime, DMC has uniquely offered in house development and support thereby greatly minimizing any productivity losses; always professional, rapid, and on target.

Project Engineer