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Performance Management SharePoint Dashboard Solution

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DMC delivered this performance management solution for Net Works Consulting Resources (NWCR) that integrates NWCR's existing SharePoint Portal with its accounting, customer service, time tracking, and web analytics applications.

SharePoint Goals Dashboard

Goals Dashboard

SharePoint KPI Visualization Dashboard

KPI Visualization Dashboard

SharePoint External Utilization Dashboard

External Utilization Dashboard


Net Works Consulting Resources did not have an automated means of assembling Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data from their financial, customer service, and web analytics applications.  DMC implemented a Performance Management SharePoint Dashboard solution that tracks the following KPIs:

  • Employee Performance - DMC created a custom SharePoint web part grid that connects NWCR's SharePoint Dashboard with the NWCR time entry application.  Each staff member is assigned a real-time Red, Yellow, or Green rating based on the percentage of hours spent on client projects and approved internal projects.
  • Help Desk Tickets by Age - DMC used its SuperChart for SharePoint web part to retrieve help desk ticket information from the NWCR SharePoint Help Desk application and evaluate ticket age by technician to assign Red, Yellow, and Green ratings to help desk technicians based on the on the length of time a ticket remains open.
  • Website Visitors - DMC leveraged Google Analytics web services to create a graphical web part that measures the number of unique visitors to the NWCR public website.
  • Financial Health – DMC integrated SharePoint with NWCR's QuickBooks accounting system and custom time entry system to build web parts that track the following accounting KPI metrics over time:  Gross Profit, Net Profit, Accounts Receivable, and External Utilization.

In addition, DMC installed the DMC SuperChart for SharePoint.  This reusable and easy to configure SharePoint web part can be used to retrieve data from any SharePoint list and provide a visual representation of the data.  The DMC SuperChart was used multiple times as part of this project to visually represent company data already being stored in the NWCR SharePoint Portal.

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Customer Benefits

  • Objective measurement of employee performance with an automated and data-driven Employee KPI dashboard
  • Improved customer service with visual tracking of turn-around time by technician on customer issues logged in the NWCR Help Desk Ticket Application
  • Advanced warning of potential downturns in company financial performance and clear analysis of accounts with invoices past due
  • Real-time performance analysis of search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives via Google Analytics web service integration
  • Time-saving data collection and reporting features via automated data integration utilities
  • Ad-hoc, reusable KPI tracking tools that provide NWCR staff with the ability to create new KPI dashboards based on information tracked within SharePoint Lists


  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2010
  • Google Analytics Web Services