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Servo Motor

LabVIEW Driver Development for Motion Controller

Posted in Application Development, LabVIEW, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC developed a suite of LabVIEW VIs that control the servos produced by an international motion controller manufacturer across a proprietary communication bus.  This suite of software is available for use by the client's end users.

Driver Suite

Driver Suite

Programmed Using LabVIEW Driver

Programmed Using LabVIEW Driver


DMC provided a LabVIEW driver suite that allows full control of the client's servo hardware, enabling tasks such as homing, move to position, query position, and motor configuration, from the standard LabVIEW programming platform.  This suite contains both low level, powerful commands necessary for complex tasks, and high level simple wizards to allow intermediate LabVIEW users to implement simple solutions.  Complete LabVIEW support opens new potential markets for the client's servo hardware.

Customer Benefits

  • LabVIEW VIs provide accessibility to wider end user base for the client by simplifying servo usage with an intuitive programming suite and automatic setup tools
  • Robust error handling and architecture result in a low support cost to the client
  • Ability to apply servo hardware as a solution for a wide range of projects due to powerful command set of suite


  • C Programming
  • .NET for .dll Development
  • LabVIEW 8.5
  • LabVIEW 8.6