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B&R High Speed Label Application

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DMC programmed a machine that would apply labels to products at a rate of 80 products per minute. Our role was to design the controls configuration, design the HMI, and program the automation logic to apply labels reliably at the target speed. The project was accomplished using B&R controls with implementation of their new mapp technology for automation.

Main HMI Screen in B&R Automation Studio

Main HMI Screen

B&R Mapp Function Block

B&R Mapp Function Block


The client wanted a machine that would apply labels to products at higher speeds than their current machines. To reach higher speeds, this prototype would apply labels to the products as they passed through without pause so that motors did not need to start and stop. Also, to remove the need for the machine to stop for out of position labels, the machine would automatically adjust its application process based on the positions of labels on the label roll during the process.

Two stepper motors move products through the processing conveyor at a set speed with position feedback. Another stepper motor controls the label application by matching its speed to the processing conveyor speed and moves the labels a precise distance. The label application motor waits until the product has moved a distance beyond a product detection sensor before applying a label, so that it will not apply a label until the product is in position. Every distance move the label application motor makes, it determines whether the labels are out of position and adjusts the next distance move to maintain proper labeling.

Most of the programming logic was written in Automation Studio’s structured text. The motion logic was written with the ladder editor for the ease of monitoring the MpAxisBasic motion blocks. The new mapp technology makes motion much more organized because all motion commands can be controlled from a single function block.

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Customer Benefits

  • Higher production speeds for processing products
  • Reliable and accurate label application at target speeds
  • Organized code showcasing B&R mapp technology


  • B&R Automation Studio 4.2
  • B&R mapp technology
  • Power Panel PP65
  • X20 Modules for IO
  • X67 Modules for IO and Stepper Motor control