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B&R Automation provides all products necessary for the automation industry including Industrial PCs, HMIs, PLCs, Safety Systems, and Motion Control. With the support of their Ethernet POWERLINK communication protocol, the simple integration of these products through Automation Studio empowers users to engineer solutions for a variety of industries. DMC engineers are experts in text-based programming. B&R automation technologies can be efficiently programmed using version control software such as Git.

Automation Studio Programming

B&R Automation Studio Power PanelAutomation Studio is the B&R software development environment that controls all aspects of the solution including hardware configuration, logic programming, communication, visualization programming, and diagnostics.

Power Panel Screen Development

Power Panels combine the system controls and visualization into one product with built-in resistive color touch screen, USB slots, Ethernet port, COM port, and CompactFlash slot.


DMC engineers are experienced with MappView, a scalable, web-based HMI platform that can be accessed through any browser. The platform features flexible hardware applications and mobile access. MappView allows both graphic and text editing and can be adjusted to the needs of your project.


B&R offers native support for OPC UA.  This allows for easy integration with a variety of technologies on the factory floor. DMC has implemented complex OPC UA solutions, including incoming and outgoing method calls, communications with MES and ERP systems, and general device controls.

Safety Programming with SafeDESIGNER

DMC uses B&R SafeDESIGNER and POWERLINK to program safety PLCs and implement a variety of solutions including:

ACOPOS Servo Programming and Commissioning

ACOPOS servo drives are great for Motion Control applications because of their speed and precision. DMC has experience programming and troubleshooting these drives.

DMC has experience with the full suite of B&R Automation offerings:

B&R Automation Panel PC 2100 single-touch

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