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Portescap Interactive Product Catalog

Product Selection Tool and Catalog Web Application

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DMC worked with Portescap, a major manufacturer of quality miniature motors used in medical and other product applications, to bring their motor selection tool to the web and make it available to potential clients. 

The Portescap MotionCompass allows end users to enter their specific application requirements and view the best matching motors. Portescap developed an internal algorithm to select a motor from their product catalogue and contacted DMC to help translate this tool to the web as a benefit for their end users. 


Portescap manufactures high-quality miniature electric motors for integration into medical and industrial products. During product development, the engineers and product developers of Portescap’s clients often need to obtain sample products to test in their potential designs. Sifting through Portescap’s extensive catalog for products that fit clients’ specific application needs can be challenging, so DMC helped develop the Portescap MotionCompass site to meet this need. 

This project started with Portescap's internal motor selection algorithm. Portescap developed a system that allows the user to input the desired motor torque, speed, power, and other criteria, such as size and electrical requirements. The algorithm then returns motors that fit the user's application based on the target specs. DMC worked with Portescap to transfer this algorithm to the web, giving end users the ability to browse the product catalogue and compare product specification and operating graphs at the operating points specific to their application. 

DMC and Portescap worked together on a UI design concept phase to determine the layout of the tool's desired features. The process included brainstorming sessions, research, sketches, and complete design mockups. 

Motion Compass uses a SQL server database backend containing the catalogue and an ASP.NET front end with custom C# code. The system is built using existing third-party tools, such as DNN for user integration, to reduce development time and cost. Other features include Salesforce integration, allowing Portescap to use this as a lead generation tool for new users that register on the site, and E-commerce and order fulfillment integration. DMC hosts the development site locally to test upgrades and changes before deployment with the help of Portescap's IT department.

Interactive Product Catalog and Web Development

Portescap Motion Compass Web Application with Performance Graphs

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Customer Benefits

  • Simplified product search process that returns custom motor results fit for clients’ exact application specifications and operating conditions
  • Full product catalog, detailed motor specifications, and performance graphs allow clients to quickly compare motor options
  • Direct access to catalog and e-commerce integration allows Portescap to sell directly to clients by reducing the need for distributor sites
  • Facilitates order fulfillment with direct integration to shipping companies, immediate provision of shipping costs, and integration with fulfillment centers


  • C#
  • DNN framework
  • Salesforce integration
  • SQL server database
  • Custom JavaScript