C# .NET Application Development

Custom Programming PC Application Built by DMCC# is Microsoft’s powerful, object-oriented flagship programming language used to develop a wide range of scalable enterprise applications. C# is used to build PC applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), or web-based apps powered by ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC. C# can also be used to build mobile applications on Android or iOS, low-level .DLLs, or APIs for use by other applications or code.

DMC's C# Programming Services

DMC offers programming and development services for building PC, mobile, and web-based applications powered by C#. Our team of experts can upgrade legacy software, modify existing applications, and build entire custom applications from the ground up.

Our code is well-architected and structured around multiple software methodologies. DMC implements the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern in our software development for discrete presentation (front-end) and data (back-end) layers. This separation of the interface and code results in scalable, flexible applications and facilitates upgrades and modifications.

DMC's .NET Application Development Expertise

DMC is a Microsoft Gold Partner with more than a dozen Microsoft Certified Application Developers experienced in a wide range of technologies, including SQL Server, Visual Studio, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Xamarin. We also have experience working with third-party tools like Telerik, in addition to many different web, industrial, and embedded communication protocols.

Our team excels at building complete and connected software solutions for our customers. In addition to C#.NET programming, DMC offers advanced user interface design services for beautiful, modern, user-friendly applications. For systems spanning multiple platforms and devices, we offer IoT, mobile, and web application development with the option of deployment to the cloud via Microsoft Azure.

Examples of Our Work:

  • Simulation and visualization
    • Engineering modeling or simulation for thermal, flow, electrical, mechanical load/stress
    • 3D visualization and editing used for manufacturing, CAD, or dynamic movement purposes
    • 3D physics and modeling application built on video game engines for testing, simulation, and marketing purposes
  • End-user interfaces for your product
  • Sleek and user-friendly .NET applications that allow end clients to extend your hardware’s potential through programming or configuration interfaces, or access to additional features
  • Applications that help your business improve productivity
    • Time tracking
    • Task and project management
    • Employee Key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring
  • .NET applications serving as the front-end interface to automated systems
    • Industrial applications built from scratch (custom C# SCADA systems)
    • Control system HMIs
    • Advanced reporting using LINQ for database communication
  • Connected IoT applications used to communicate with or collect data from other devices
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