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Azure IoT Hub Firmware Development for Environmental Monitoring Device

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DMC developed the firmware for an environmental monitoring device along with an Azure cloud-based solution to enable data collection and reporting capabilities.

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Azure IoT Hub


C2Sense offers innovative environmental monitoring systems for storage facilities. C2Sense had a prototype device with a printed circuit board and firmware programmed in Python, and approached DMC for assistance with scaling this proof of concept to market by developing the device’s firmware and server side of the application. 

The solution has a series of sensor nodes connected to an Azure IoT Hub that collect environmental data. The sensor nodes are controlled by firmware programmed in Python, which runs on a Raspberry Pi using Embedded Linux. The collected raw data is processed using proprietary algorithms on Docker containers hosted in a cluster. After the data is processed, it is stored in Azure Table Storage so that it can be stored in a cost-effective manner and still be retrieved quickly. The server can also push firmware updates to the nodes manually or automatically.

A web application retrieves data from the datastore and displays it in graphical dashboards that are easy for end-clients to analyze. In addition to displaying dashboards, the web application also handles node management, account creation, and user login, and sends alerts when certain environmental thresholds or conditions are met. DMC built the website infrastructure for C2Sense’s end-customers using ASP.NET MVC, C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and created the user interface with assistance from DMC’s in-house graphic designer

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Customer Benefits

  • Prepared product for market on an accelerated timeline to meet customer’s schedule
  • Effective data processing and management
  • Ability to easily display data via graphical dashboards


  • Custom sensor electronics
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Azure IoT Hub
    • Azure Functions
    • App Services w/ Application Insights
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Azure Cloud Storage
  • ASP.NET MVC web application
    • C#
    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Embedded Linux
  • Python
  • Docker