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Control System Upgrade to NJ101 PLC With Direct SQL Data Recording

Posted in Automotive, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, PLC Programming


DMC upgraded a controls system from an all-in-one PLC/HMI to a dedicated Omron PLC with built-in SQL communications for a customer in the automotive industry.  



This system used PID control to maintain setpoints for two independent process variables. During control, the PLC would log various system variables to its internal memory. When the customer wanted to access the data, they would have to connect to the PLC and download the data from an SD card.

When governmental regulations changed, our client's previous control solution was unable to meet their demands. The old system was limited by weak processing power that required running the PID loops slowly and exporting data at a reduced rate. The client needed a more flexible control system and more frequent data records that could be stored on their network and accessed easily.

The client sourced a new Omron PLC and compatible equipment and hired DMC to perform the conversion. DMC leveraged Omron's time-based routines to optimize PID calculations and increase communication speed and reliability. The higher processing power also allowed us to gather more accurate performance data, and we used Omron's direct SQL capabilities to store the data directly to the client's server.

DMC also delivered detailed system documentation which exceeded the customer's expectations. 

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Customer Benefits

  • Allows customer to guarantee compliance with new governmental data reporting requirements
  • Increases hardware life cycle by reducing wear via optimized PID loops
  • Improves system maintainability by replacing outdated control hardware
  • Creates increased visibility of system performance via direct SQL reporting