PLC Programming

DMC has over two decades of experience implementing industrial automation solutions utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). We develop new PLC systems from the ground up and also troubleshoot, update, and add to pre-existing PLC systems.
Siemens S7 1500 PLC

DMC's PLC Engineering Services and Experience

Our PLC platform expertise includes:


DMC delivers connected solutions, seamlessly integrating PLC control systems with other devices and systems:

We work with many industrial network protocols and hardware layers (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Wireless PROFINET, Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet, Modbus, ModbusTCP, RS-232, RS-485, SERCOS, CAN, EtherCAT, and others).

DMC also provides expertise in safety PLC programming with safety I/O, safety device integration, and failsafe communication protocols.

In addition to factory automation programming, we also develop software libraries, APIs, AOIs, and function blocks that enable end users to easily integrate our clients' hardware products into a PLC platform.

DMC's PLC Solutions

DMC develops new PLC solutions from start to finish including functional specification development, offline programming, and onsite commissioning. We offer simulation and virtual commissioning services to optimize startup time. DMC consults on automation component selection, assists in programming standards development, and provides training for our clients.

PLC Solutions our team provides include:

DMC works with manufacturers to provide plant-wide and line level programming solutions. We work with OEMs and custom machine builders to provide expert programming for their equipment. DMC also provides consulting between manufacturers and their OEMs to ensure optimal interoperability.

DMC's Software Approach

Ladder Logic in WinCC PLC Programming Code Example

We focus on well-designed and structured, modular PLC code appropriate for any factory. Our reusable code utilizes function and class-based architectures and adheres to IEC 61131-3 standards including structured text, function blocks, and sequential flow charts. The benefit is a flexible system that is easier to understand, debug, and modify for future needs.

We have libraries of previously developed, reusable code available for new systems that help reduce development cost and time.

Our PLC Programming Team

DMC has one of the largest teams of PLC programmers in the US across thirteen offices. We are available to take on large projects, even on short notice, and quickly ramp up by working as an extension of your internal team. Our vast experience allows us to offer custom and application specific training as an added benefit to our clients.

Our company has implemented hundreds of PLC systems for clients in a wide range of industries, including food and beverageoil and gaspackaging, and automotive.

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