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Indoor Growroom HVAC System using Allen Bradley PLC

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DMC worked with an indoor farming company to provide rapid development and commissioning of the control software for their HVAC system. This system was used to maintain the building temperature as well as regulate the temperature and humidity of a series of grow rooms based on a preset schedule of varying setpoints.


The client was constructing a large grow room with a need for a controls system that could closely regulate the temperature of different zones. The client sought out DMC because of our experience in HVAC system control and Rockwell programming. Further, the client was confident that DMC could complete the project in the required tight timeframe.

To maintain continuity with existing projects, DMC implemented the control system using the clients preferred architecture while making improvements to their blocks and style.

The control system used chillers and boilers to provide heating and cooling to independent hot and cold water loops. Rockwell PIDE blocks were used to regulate the flow, differential pressure, and temperature in these loops, which were used to provide temperature control and dehumidification to the zones in the grow room.

In the Ignition portion of the project, DMC used the clients existing global templates to create new screens for their system. This HMI interfaced with farm-wide server to receive a schedule of setpoints and record data from over 100 sensors.

DMC completed the project completed on schedule with a fully operational system by the expected date. The client was extremely satisfied by the result of the project.

DMC has continued working with this client on commissioning a system using several remote IO modules controlled from one central PLC.

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Customer Benefits

  • Rapid development
  • Onsite commissioning support
  • Simple Ignition interface
  • Robust control of setpoints
  • Energy optimizing control