Allen-Bradley PLC Programming

Rockwell Automation Systems Integrator logoRockwell Automation has an extensive line of automation products including Allen-Bradley PLCs, HMIs (Touch Panels and other Interfaces), Motion Control, and AC Drives. Their flexible control systems are the leading platform in the US.

DMC works with the complete line of Rockwell Software and Allen-Bradley Hardware:

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 ControllerControlLogix

The ControlLogix™ systems are a high performance PLC offering. Programmed in the powerful Studio 5000 platform, they allow integrated motion control and advanced communication and connectivity.


CompactLogix™ bring the power of the Studio 5000 programming environment to a lower hardware price point than the ControlLogix systems.

GuardLogix and Safety Programmable Controllers

Allen-Bradley's line of Safety PLCs are designed to allow hard-wired safety logic to be safely brought into the PLC application.


MicroLogix systems use the RSLogix 500/RSLogix Micro programming software. It is a solid platform and one of Allen-Bradley's most affordable offerings.

SLC 500

The SLC 500 PLC family has been a mainstay on factory floors for many years. They get the job done and their development platform, RSLogix 500, has a wide user base of experienced programmers, technicians, and engineers.

Studio 5000

Rockwell Automation Software Studio 5000The powerful Studio 5000 (formerly RSLogix 5000) platform uses IEC 61131 programming standards and facilitates reusable and modular architectures through Add-On Instructions.

EtherNet/IP, Modbus, DF1, ControlNet, DH-485, DeviceNet, and Ethernet Communication Protocols

Allen-Bradley and Rockwell systems can be integrated using many different communication protocols.

RSLogix 500

This popular programming environment is used to develop applications for MicroLogix and SLC 500 PLCs.


Kinetix® Servo Drives are self-contained systems that are easily integrated into your Studio 5000 or RSLogix 5000 PLC program.


RSView®32™ is an HMI environment designed to run on a PC and integrates seamlessly into Allen-Bradley control hardware.


PanelView interfaces are dependable and easy to integrate into your Allen-Bradley PLC system.


PowerFlex drives are the dependable Allen-Bradley VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) offering.

Distributed IO

Distributed IO allows field IO points to be removed from a central control point and placed near the actuators and sensors.

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