Case Studies

IoT Application for Water Leak Detection and Correction

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DMC, working with Vital Command, developed a web-based interface and upgraded existing IoT communication and control architecture for a property damage detection automation and services system. All types of property owners and managers can use the system to monitor their buildings for various types of property damage with responses through the Vital Command Platform. The whole system monitors water, temperature, humidity, and intrusion events with responses through the Vital Command network.

DMC updated the device firmware and created a robust firmware update process to allow the client to iterate quickly with device functionality.


Vital Command approached DMC to redevelop the web interface for the Automatic Wireless Sensing and Monitoring system, or AWSAM, under an accelerated timeline and to improve other aspects of their system. DMC worked with the client to understand the needs of different users of the application (sellers, installers, and owners), and our UI design team designed a new user interface from the ground up. DMC built the application using a phased approach, focusing on getting critical functionality online first to allow cutover before adding further features.

Device Management

Working with Vital Command, the AWSAM application demonstrates DMC's experience with managing a host of devices in many different locations. In this application, devices are managed throughout their supply chain by different organizations and users, therefore, it was very important to carefully design a flexible permissions scheme so that each user can do everything they need, but nothing they shouldn’t, with the device. DMC added live-update functionality to the web application to display device data and alerts in real-time. Thorough historical logging and CSV report export functionality allow users the ability to dig through what happened in the case of an incident.

Vital Command requested that DMC change many of the protocols and also added new device types into the Vital Command ecosystem. These protocol changes and new sensors required firmware and software changes in C, Java, SQL, C#, and React Typescript. During development, DMC improved and streamlined the existing communication system for the devices to allow users to confidently command all device functionality from anywhere, including updating the device with the latest firmware.

DMC continues to support and enhance the application as the customer finds opportunities for new features and enhancements.

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Customer Benefits

  • Unified portal for sellers, installers, and end-users to track and manage devices
  • Live view of devices status, messages, and events
  • User-configurable text messages for water leaks and other exceptional condition alerts
  • Extensive traceability of device status and ownership history
  • Customer management and inventory tools for sellers
  • Secure and scalable hosting on Azure that will make maintaining the application very easy. Application updates can be deployed instantly to users world-wide as the system grows and traffic increases, the application servers can be scaled out and up to accommodate the growing need for resources.