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3D Vision Inspection with SICK TriSpectorP and AppStudio

Posted in Food and Beverage, Machine Vision, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC worked with a frozen food product manufacturer to improve their quality assurance process by integrating a SICK TriSpectorP programmable 3D line scanner with their existing system.


DMC worked with one of the world’s leading suppliers of frozen food products to add a SICK TriSpectorP programmable 3D line scanner to improve their Quality Assurance process. The TriSpectorP was programmed in SICK AppStudio using the Lua programming language.

The customer’s existing system was only able to generate pass/fail results for a single product at a time. DMC’s support was requested because of our extensive experience with vision applications and image analysis routines. The TriSpectorP gave DMC the flexibility to measure and record actual data of entire batches to quantify the results of the Quality Assurance process.

SICK’s custom programming environment and built-in API suite allowed DMC to rapidly develop a program to extract actual measurements and generate batch reports.

The intuitive user interface allowed the customer to adjust the settings of the image acquisition process to maximize the performance of the system.

SICK also has a separate software package called AppManager which allowed the customer to store and deploy different programs to their TriSpectorP without having a development license.

The customer was so satisfied with the results of the analysis for a single image of the product that they requested additional features be added to the system. In order to increase the size of their sample batch, they requested we add the functionality to report results of multiple images. We were also able to easily add new analysis routines for other product types to the system because of the flexibility provided by the programming environment of SICK AppStudio.

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Customer Benefits

  • Rapid collection of batch data and statistics
  • Easily expandable to other product types
  • Configurable camera settings and trigger times
  • Easy to use interface