Food and Beverage Manufacturing Automation

Confectionary AutomationDMC has extensive experience with automating all aspects of the food and beverage industry: the processing and packaging sides, and food and beverage utility systems.

In addition, our company has thorough knowledge in food and beverage applications at the automation and MES levels.

DMC’s Food & Beverage Automation Approach

DMC also has a wide array of experience working with packaged goods, brewing and confectionary clients.

We can be involved as early as functional specifications and requirements. Our large team of engineers will architect, develop software, test and commission your system for optimal food and beverage manufacturing automation.

DMC places a high value on developing clean, well-organized and well-commented code. Our code is object oriented and has a modular programming style, which optimizes future development of manufacturing lines. DMC understands GMP environments and the best practices for food and beverage manufacturing safety.

We use PackML standards for the control of packaging machines while using ISA-88 standards to address process control in the food and beverage industry.

The Age of DigitalizationBrewing and Bottling Automation

DMC's automation specialization combined with our diverse food & beverage industry experience allows us to bring the best practices from many differing areas

Our company can help modernize outdated technology as well as leverage digitalization technologies such as IIoT and plant wide connectivity. We are focused on factory digitalization across all levels of automation - from the sensor level on the factory floor to MES integration with ERP.

How Can DMC Help?

DMC provides the following engineering services for food and beverage manufacturing automation:

DMC partners with industry leaders across many areas to bring you the best solutions with expert level training and certifications. With experience across multiple platforms, including Siemens, Rockwell, Wonderware, Beckhoff, ICONICS, Microsoft and more, our large team of engineers have successfully completed multiple large-scale automation projects. We are CSIA Certified and will deliver solutions not available from singularly-focused organizations.

Process Expertise

DMC uses multiple platforms on the process side of food and beverage manufacturing for:Bread automation

Packaging Expertise

On the packaging side of food and beverage manufacturing, DMC provides best practices for packaging machines control using PackML as a basis.

DMC utilizes a multitude of platforms for:Packaging Manufacturing

Utility Systems Expertise

DMC has experience in a wide range of plant utility systems. We provide solutions for:

  • PID Control - Temperatures, Pressures, Flow
  • Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Sterilizing in Place (SIP)
  • Integrataion for Boilers, Chillers, Compressors, and Other Hot/Cold Water Systems
  • Air Handling and HVAC

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