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Flying Cut Off Machine with Siemens Kinematics

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Using Siemens Kinematics, DMC updated a food and beverage industry client’s flying cut machine using S120 Servo Drives, Siemens S7 1500T PLCs, and a WinCC Comfort Panel for the HMI.


Siemens KinematicsDMC expanded our Siemens knowledge and expertise by implementing Siemens Kinematics for a client’s newest meat processing machine. Siemens Kinematic Technology Objects allow for simple programming of multi-axis motion control, like what you would find in 3D printers. In this case, the technology was integrated into a machine that made flying cuts into meat moving on an assembly line.

The client came to DMC with a request to enhance the reliability of their machine controls. Their original automation platform was not well-known and was running on a PC as opposed to a PLC. If the computer crashed, it would stop production. At a facility that processes close to 1000 cuts an hour, 5-10 minutes spent rebooting a system could result if substantial losses in output. DMC converted the machine to a Siemens S7-1500T PLC with S120 Servo Drives while maintaining all the original system functionality. This not only allowed for improved reliability but also guaranteed global technical support with Siemens integrators located worldwide. These features aided our client in selling to their end customers and speed up future commissioning.

In addition to enhanced reliability, DMC built a flexible code base with parameters that can be adjusted directly from the HMI. This meant that the machine could be easily modified to create custom-tailored solutions for each factory installation.

Within a year of commissioning the first machine, DMC has now built 5 additional machines that are deployed around the world. With ongoing requests coming from the end clients, DMC’s flexible code is quickly modified to meet customer’s requests. One example of this is when DMC was able to install an entire machine in one day. This short deadline was able to be met due to the benefit of consistently using one platform throughout the machine.

In the meat industry, precision while cutting is a high priority. When a few inches in the wrong place could result in wasting an expensive cut of meat, DMC needed to be able to increase accuracy. By integrating the Kinematic Technology Object into the client’s machine, future users can make more complicated cuts with increased accuracy.

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Customer Benefits

  • Full testing of technology by running simulations of the machines while in the office before commissioning.
  • Aiding in end-customer sales with ensuring the ability for global technical support.
  • Faster commissioning due to use of one platform
  • Enhanced reliability of machine controls system with improved production uptime
  • Implementing newest versions of technology
  • Creating flexible code and HML, making modifications to different factory settings simple