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Migration of Microsoft SharePoint to Office 365

Migration of Custom Microsoft SharePoint implementation to Microsoft 365

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A client in the water/waste water industry needed to move their project and document management tools from on-premises SharePoint servers to the cloud. They hired DMC to migrate large amounts of content and to create a custom, modernized SharePoint site for its storage.


DMC’s client relied heavily on Microsoft’s SharePoint for their daily operations. They needed to migrate their project and document management tools from on-premises SharePoint servers to the cloud. They required a solution that leveraged Microsoft Office 365 for its no maintenance, auto-upgrade capability.

DMC consultants began by migrating the client’s existing content from SharePoint to the cloud. This migration included many custom features DMC had created throughout the years. Due to differences between the on-premises and online versions of SharePoint, engineers were required to recreate several tools and custom web points for use in the new online environment.

Additionally, the SharePoint implementation was heavily integrated with third-party systems. DMC updated the integration so that the online tools were still able to integrate with the onpremise third party systems. Integration included retrieval of the client’s budget and project info from QuickBooks and a Homegrown ERP System.

Finally, DMC modernized the interface using SharePoint Modern to create modern widgets and web parts. Afterwards, the solution was thoroughly tested, and the cutover was remigrated to go live.

DMC UI Design

Customer Benefits

  • Client no longer required to maintain on premise servers with patches or updates
  • Server no longer at risk of going offline
  • Client no longer required to connect to VPN to access files
  • Microsoft upgrades apply automatically with cloud
  • New features regularly introduced by Microsoft


  • Microsoft 365
  • On Prem SQL Database
  • Azure App Service
  • SharePoint Framework App Customizer (Masterpage)
  • SharePoint Framework Client-Side Webpart
  • WCF Service (syncs data from On Prem to SharePoint Online)
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Asana