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Seguro Airsafe Face Shield

Airsafe Face Shield

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DMC assisted the Seguro team with the electronics and product development for a Covid-19 air filtration face shield. Users wear the device on their head. The face shield uses a high efficiency HEPA air filter to remove viruses from the air surrounding the user, providing them with a steady stream of clean air. It is safer and more comfortable to wear than traditional face masks — while also providing the added safety barrier of a clear face shield.


DMC engineers worked closely with the Seguro team to develop an electronic Covid-19 face-shield through researching, conducting experiments, and evaluating features to refine the product design specifications. Based on this information, DMC developed a proof-of-concept electronics package for evaluating prototypes.

Next, DMC began work on the production electronics. Engineers made improvements to the device’s fan speed control and battery management to maximize runtime. A custom PCB was designed to fit seamlessly into the design envelope.

The Airsafe Face Shield can run for several hours using a custom lithium battery pack with quick charge capabilities. The resulting product is safer and allows the user to breathe naturally while maintaining better protection than traditional masks.

Learn more about the Seguro Airsafe Face Shield here.

Seguro Airsafe Face Shield



Seguro Airsafe Face Shield 


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Customer Benefits

  • Tightly integrated electronics
  • Long battery life
  • Customizable firmware
  • USB-C quick charging


  • STM32 Arm Processor
  • USB-C Power Management
  • Lithium Polymer Battery Quick-charge
  • Precision Fan Speed Control