Product Development

Custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by DMCDMC can help you with your product development needs. We have worked with many clients to bring their concepts to market. Whether you need consulting support to point your team in the right direction, a group of experts to train your technology group, or complete support from concept to market, our flexible team of designers and developers are here to help you.

Examples of Our Work

The Product Development Process

DMC's Product Development Services

Analog Circuit Front End Developed by DMCWe have helped our clients in the following areas:

  • Product design and conception
  • Proof of concept (POC) and prototyping
  • Firmware development
  • Product design testing and design optimization
  • Embedded design
  • PC and web application development
  • IoT connected devices

We work in many fields across a variety of industries. Our product development experience includes:

  • Medical devices
  • Industrial products
  • Consumer products and electronics
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