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Location Monitoring Using React and .NET Core

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RES, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, was looking for a tool to monitor their internationally distributed solar and wind farms. DMC developed a solution that allowed them to maintain assets, respond to alerts, and monitor the status of sites worldwide.


DMC engineers worked with RES to develop a tool capable of monitoring solar sites and wind farms across the globe.

The team began with UI design. DMC used React TypeScript and Material UI to create a variety of pages for viewing and interacting with events and live data from RES’ sites. We completed back-end programming using C#, Microsoft Azure, and .Net Core. The resulting solution consolidated previous processes and streamlined the monitoring process. Staff who use the app to monitor alerts now have a cleaner interface and faster reporting.

Edit Alert condition window

List of events in React libraryFull list of events in React library

Full page of react and .net Core location monitoring interface

Live Status display in react interface

Add Stop window in react interface

scheduled stops

Settings window in react interface

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Customer Benefits

  • Consolidated information
  • Streamlined monitoring process
  • Data tracking