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LoRaWAN RF Data Logger

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DMC worked with Dickson, a manufacturer and supplier of environmental data loggers, to create and design a wireless Battery-Operated Data Logger and Radio Frequency LoRa Gateway to monitor and measure various environmental conditions within Dickson’s customers’  facilities. DMC worked with the client’s engineering department and provided engineering development services to add this product to Dickson’s existing offerings.

Battery Operated Data Logger

Battery-Operated Data Logger


DMC created and designed a wireless, battery-powered device using Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology to measure, log, and transmit environmental data. This product communicates with a LoRa Gateway running custom firmware also written by DMC. The LoRa Gateway then communicates with an IoT provider called the Things Network and ultimately up to DicksonOne, a customer interfacing website where Dickson’s customers can view all their loggers and all of the data received from them in real time.

Radio Frequency LoRa Gateway

Radio Frequency LoRa Gateway

DMC designed a custom circuit board from the ground up to be compatible with existing Dickson devices. These devices include replaceable sensor pods that measure different metrics such as humidity and temperature. The batteries in the sensors last up to a year, or more depending on how often they are transmitting. These RF devices are designed to communicate over long distances at low data rates and low power.

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Customer Benefits

  • Extension of  client’s existing environment monitoring data logger offerings
  • Battery-operated, low power, and efficient design allow for very long battery life
  • Long wireless transmission distance that does not require WiFi, enables monitoring across a large area and in hard to reach places