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Integrating Sepasoft MES and LabVIEW to Provide Distributed Real-time Feedback and Traceable Test Results

Posted in Automotive, Energy and Utilities, LabVIEW, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC delivered a fleet of end of line battery test stations programmed with LabVIEW that integrated with Ignition and Sepasoft to a client in the automotive and energy storage industry.


DMC worked with the client to design and implement the communication between Ignition and the LabVIEW test station. There are many options for integrating LabVIEW and Ignition, but DMC and the client decided to utilize HTTPS endpoints. The endpoints consisted of a variety of GET, PUT, and POST methods to send information between the MES and the LabVIEW application.

At the beginning of a test, the operator scans a barcode. The LabVIEW application then queries the MES to determine if the scanned part is ok to test, if a sample test is required, if functional testing has been completed, and if the part has been reworked.

The application then uses that information to determine how the test should proceed. If the part is ok to test, the LabVIEW application runs the relevant tests on the part and then sends the Ignition/Sepasoft MES information about what type of testing was run, the test results, when the test was started, which user ran the test, and the station on which the test was run.

Additionally, the LabVIEW application periodically reports the test station’s status to the MES to provide insight into the duration of different portions of testing and allow end users to identify potential inefficiencies in the test workflow.

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Customer Benefits

  • Increased information in MES –  highlighting reoccurring quality issues and providing more information for part tracking
  • Integration with Track and Trace to determine the part status for the quality check
  • Used built-in communication methods compatible with both LabVIEW and Ignition.
  • Reduced amount of custom code needed for maintenance


  • LabVIEW
  • Ignition
  • Sepasoft