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UL Certified Panel Designs for Waste Incineration Facility

Posted in Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, PLC Programming, Specialty Machinery


DMC worked with Denham-Blythe, a design-build construction group, to design UL certified panels for a thermal hazardous waste incineration facility for recyclable materials in Arkansas.


The facility’s new building includes two large waste incineration rooms for two different types of waste. Recycling trucks enter the room and drop waste into various pits. One side of the room has a loading arm that will sort the waste into big piles and a crane overhead that will pick up the waste and drop it into the incinerator. The other side of the room is smaller with no overhead crane. On this side, the loading arm will drop the waste directly into the designated pit.

DMC first worked with the client to develop a robust functional specification. Then, our UX/UI team developed screen mockups for the crane operator, which we also did the PLC Programming for in addition to the joysticks attached to the crane operator’s chair.

Our Control Panel Design and Fabrication experts from our UL Certified DMC Fabrication Studio completed the panel build part of the project. There are two panels in the system: one is the main control panel that houses the main PLC, and the other is the remote IO panel housing a separate PLC. The two loading arms share the same panels but are electrically isolated from one another. Thus, one can be powered off for maintenance while the other remains operational.

DMC’s Fabrication Studio allowed us to be flexible in hardware and lead times. We were able to use a different cabinet because it had a shorter lead time instead of being locked into the one that we were using when we needed to change the system’s design on short notice while still accommodating the client’s timeline.

Our experience with general automation construction-based projects and our experience in control panel builds led to a successful project.

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Customer Benefits

  • In-house panel builds
    • Flexibility in hardware choices
    • Shorter lead times
    • Easily updatable design
    • Accommodating to the client’s timeline