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DMC Monthly Update 
Volume 1, Issue 7
September 28, 2010


Watch us describe in our own words 
the experience of working at DMC,
not to mention a few funny outtakes!
DMC Continues to Grow
DMC is proud to welcome William Mortl and Jason Mayes to the team!
DMC's Fall 2010
Recruiting Schedule
DMC is expanding!  Check our
on-campus recruiting schedule and find us on your campus this fall!
Meet Dan, an engineer with an appreciation for the finer things including academia, piano, and an accurately measured keg 'o beer.


Why Choose Silverlight for Application Development?  
Learn what Silverlight is and discover
the benefits of using Silverlight to build business applications.
and Delegates in C#
Explore robust and effective ways to use delegates in multithreading .NET applications.
Which TV show do you think
deserves the title of "geekiest?"
August Survey Results
Which SharePoint features could your organization most use to make the grade this fall?
 Dashboard KPI Visualization - 37%
 Team Collaboration Sites - 18%
 Document Management - 18% 
 Workflow for Business Practices - 9%
 Wiki Library - 9%
 Network Search Tools - 9%
Our Geek Challenge this month comes from a new episode of Futurama.  Professor Farnsworth's new mind-swapping machine can swap minds between two bodies, but can never swap the same two minds back directly.  After a few swaps things get mixed up.  Try to get the minds back in the correct bodies.
Submit your responses to: