Employee Spotlight: Dan Freve

Dan Freve, Project Engineer

Dan, you are obviously a sophisticated software developer.  Is this a prerequisite for engineers at DMC?

Yes, we are all quite pompous and sophisticated.

So what have you learned from working in such an exclusive environment?

One thing that has been a pleasant surprise is the amount I have learned about networking and building customer relationships at DMC.  Everyone at DMC is empowered as far as customer and project management.  In a sense it's like on-the-job training.

What else do you like about working at DMC?

Every project is a challenge.  There are always emerging new topics to learn, leading edge technologies to work with, or crazy algorithms to write in order to overcome problems.

My favorite projects have involved new cutting edge technologies with many phases of development.  It's really engaging to work on a long-term multiphase project and develop it from a tentative concept into a fully-formed testing platform.  It's almost research-like.

I also appreciate that it is a very academic atmosphere.  Everyone at DMC is striving to learn new things and no one is pigeonholed into one technology.  On the other hand, everyone is willing to share knowledge and teach others.

Do you have any engineering-related hobbies?

I am a tinkerer.  I like taking anything apart, especially if it is already broken and seeing what is inside and whether I can fix it.  My latest geek project involves designing a scale set in a keg-er-ator with an LED display that will tell you how many beers are left in your keg.

What are your non-technical hobbies?

I enjoy playing piano.  I don't write music, but I took lessons for seven years and now mostly improvise tunes or play things like Ben Folds.

I also recently completed a triathlon.  I had completed one previously and this was a sprint triathlon.  It was roughly a 750 meter swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5K run.  My running could use some work but the swimming and biking went well.

Didn't you swim competitively in college?

Yes, I was a sprinter so I competed in the 50 and 100 meter events.

You're originally from the East Coast.  How does the Midwest compare?

Yes, I have a deep-rooted love for the ocean, seafood, and the Sox.  I think the Midwest is more laid back.  It is definitely more fast-paced on the East Coast and everyone is always hurrying.  I disagree with the stereotype that New Englanders are rude; I think their demeanor is baseline and by comparison no one is as friendly as Midwesterners!

Where are your favorite places in Chicago?

That is hard to decide.  The Lakeshore Path is such a unique feature that most other cities do not have, and I definitely take advantage of it.  I really enjoy the culture and the atmosphere of Old Town.  Also, I feel a certain nostalgia for Big City Tap in Wrigleyville.


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