Geek Challenge: Mind-Swapping

Geek Challenge: Mind-Swapping

Several TV shows vie for the title "Geekiest."  Our nominees are the original Star Trek, Dr. Who, and Battlestar Galactica.  Among animated series none are as admired by geeks as Futurama, and the new season doesn't disappoint. 

In a recent episode entitled "The Prisoner of Benda," Professor Farnsworth and Amy completed their mind-switching machine.  They discovered the machine could not switch the same two minds back again, so when things got switched up they had to use their heads to get all of the minds back in the correct bodies.  The Geek Challenge this month is to switch all of the characters back into their rightful bodies without switching the same two minds twice.

Here is what has already occurred:

Farnsworth switched with Amy
Farnsworth's mind (in Amy's body) switched with Bender
Amy's mind (in Farnsworth's body) switched with Leela

So now:

Bender's mind is in Amy's body
Farnsworth's mind is in Bender's body
Amy's mind is in Leela's body
Leela's mind is in Farnsworth's body

The following switches cannot be repeated:

Farnsworth <---> Amy
Farnsworth <---> Bender
Amy  <---> Leela

Your challenge is to get Farnsworth, Bender, Amy , and Leela back in their own bodies in the most efficient manner.  If you need them, you can enlist the help of two volunteers, Helper A and Helper B.

Submit your responses to and check out previous Geek Challenge results.


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