Infrastructure Engineering

DMC offers a range of engineering services for infrastructure, rail transit, bridges & tunnels, and building automation, to organizations in both the public and private sector.

Connected infrastructure systems in cityOur services include:

  • PLC, HMI, and SCADA software development
  • Remote data collection and analysis
  • Automation for signaling systems
  • Cybersecurity audits and analysis
  • Driver development
  • Spec development
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing
  • Fleet tracking
  • IoT/connectivity 

Rail and Transit Automation

DMC has significant experience working on everything from low-level communication drivers all the way to entire SCADA systems. Areas of particular expertise are as follows:

  • Vital/non-vital systems
  • Tunnel ventilation automation
  • Distributed I/O Systems
  • Rail signal huts
  • Substation management

DMC also developed an implementation of the DNP3 library that runs on all major Siemens PLC platforms, commonly used in the transit and rail industries for communications between control and data acquisition equipment.

Building Management Systems

DMC has worked with building management systems (BMS) for many different industries and types of structures, including correctional facilities, factories, wastewater facilities, and high-rises. Our experience includes working with Distributed SCADA systems with multi-building monitoring applications, energy monitoring and usage tracking, HVAC systems, chillers, and more. Our solutions often use the proprietary communication network BACnet.

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