Dan Freve

Dan Freve

Dan Freve

Project Director

Dan Freve holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He worked with Seagate Technology before arriving at DMC, and is highly experienced with MATLAB. As an athlete, Dan specializes in swimming (Varsity All Conference 3 years) and cycling; as a musician, he specializes in piano and guitar. He holds the esteemed position of DMC Activity Captain, and sings the praises of CCS sandwiches from Pronto Za like an evangelist. Dan’s favorite programming language is C#.NET; his favorite color is RGB 23 6B 8E; and his favorite sports team is the Boston Red Sox.

Joined DMC: 2007
Service Area: All of them
DMC Office: Seattle
Favorite DMC Project: A Pool cleaning Robot.
Favorite DMC Event: YOEs!
Favorite DMC Moment: The Grand Opening party for our Boston office.
Best or Weirdest Place You've Traveled for Work: The best was yachting in Newport, RI. The weirdest was a sausage processing factory (I have literally seen "how the sausage is made").

Dan is a licensed Professional Engineer.

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