Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas Industry - Processing Plant and PipelinesDMC's extensive automation and industrial control expertise allows us to help OEMs as well as service and production companies throughout all segments of the Oil and Gas industry.

With experience across multiple platforms, including Siemens, Rockwell, Wonderware, ICONICS, IgnitionMitsubishi, National Instruments, Microsoft and more, our engineers are able to provide expert upstream, midstream, and downstream solutions for our customers. As a CSIA Certified company, DMC has been recognized for our commitment to excellence in all parts of our business as we work with clients around the world.

We provide engineering services for clients in all sectors of Oil and Gas, from drilling to processing, including:

Whether you are looking for help on a particular platform, unifying and combining multiple systems, or final touches to get your system out the door to meet a deadline, our team of experienced engineers can help.

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