LabVIEW Programming Services

DMC is an engineering company that offers project-based services around the world.
From turnkey systems to development support, our large, certified LabVIEW team can help.

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Development Support

DMC can assist you throughout your entire project,
or target specific areas with your internal team.

We can help with programming, design, architecture,
best practices, code reviews, and staff training.


Turnkey Systems

DMC builds turnkey systems from the ground up,
including all necessary hardware and software.

Whether your application requires a full clean-sheet design or
bringing your own concept to reality, we can help.

System Enhancements and Upgrades

DMC can upgrade or modify your existing solution
without requiring a complete overhaul.

We can help with anything from minor changes
and added features to fully modernizing your system.

Extend Your Team

Under a tight timeline, or facing a challenging project? DMC's experts can work as an extension of your team, providing as-needed support and collaborating with your internal staff.

We're happy to train your team on best practices and system maintenance so they can take over once the project is delivered.

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Why work with DMC?

Successfully completed thousands
of projects for customers around the
world over the past twenty years.
100+ Experts
We are responsive, flexible, and often
available to take large projects on –
even with short notice.

DMC has been a certified National Instruments Alliance Partner for over 20 years. NI Alliance Member status certifies DMC as an industry expert in providing complete instrumentation, measurement, and automated systems.

DMC is also one of few companies internationally to be recognized as a National Instruments Vision Specialty Partner, and has one of the largest teams of Certified LabVIEW Architects in the United States.

Lastly, we believe customers should work with us because they want to, not because they have to. To that end, we build flexible systems, deliver full source code, and train your staff on system modification procedures.

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"Our company has used DMC's services quite extensively over the past few years to supplement our internal development staff. The DMC engineers have consistently impressed us with their high level of professionalism, engineering expertise, superb communication skills, flexibility and attention to detail."
- Ty Phillips, Yaskawa

LabVIEW can be used in a wide range of
test and measurement applications, including:

  • Test stands
  • Device drivers and interfaces
  • APIs
  • Battery management systems
  • Data acquisition and storage
  • High-speed control
  • Vision inspection
  • Distributed control and data collection
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications

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DMC designs, builds, and programs automated systems for testing and validation of a broad range of battery pack and battery management system (BMS) designs.

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Wherever your team is at in the process,
DMC can help.