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Rockwell Programming and Commissioning for Medical Device Assembly

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DMC provided programming and commissioning support for a machine assembling intubating stylets. This client develops and builds innovative and flexible manufacturing, assembly, and test systems. They sought out DMC for our deep Rockwell expertise, proven track record, and ability to meet an aggressive timeline.


Machine Functionality

The machine that DMC commissioned and programmed uses an indexing walking beam and pick-and-place arms controlled by Rockwell Kinetix drives. It performs processes such as tub and rod feeding, welding, tube cutting, pad printing, print inspection, full tube lubrication, and various bending operations.

Offsite Programming

In order to get started, the customer provided CAD models, timing charts, and videos of the machine and operation. To align with their standards, the client also provided the template code that we were to build the program off of. DMC compressed ~16 weeks of engineering into just 6 weeks by quickly ramping up a large team. At the end of the offsite phase, DMC had developed the PLC and HMI program for the entire machine. DMC also dedicated additional time to improve the outdated HMI graphics used in the template project.

Onsite Programming

When DMC arrived onsite, our engineers also supported the customer in bringing their electrical and pneumatic system online, completing the IO checkout, and station debugging. We then continued to full machine operation to ensure that the machine met cycle time, uptime requirements, and quality checks.

Additionally, the welders and the pad printer were completely new to the client. As such, DMC spent a portion of our onsite time assisting the client with setting up and testing the new hardware.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration was key to success for this project. DMC engineers were in constant contact with the client's mechanical designers, project managers, and controls engineers to help the project go smoothly. During the onsite phase, we worked around mechanical rework, client schedules, and required runs to effectively and efficiently commission the machine.


After the onsite portion of the project, the client decided that it would be cost-effective to use their own internal controls engineers to go to the client site for site acceptance testing. DMC engineers did an extensive ramp up with the client engineer in order to ensure project success.

Overall, our Rockwell expertise, ability to meet tight timelines, and client collaboration allowed us to successfully complete this project.

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Customer Benefits

  • Stylet assembly machine meeting end client's cycle time requirements
  • Codebase developed on client template code
  • Updated HMI interface
  • Met aggressive timeline
  • Collaborative engineering process
  • Client's full ownership of the solution at the end of the project