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Rockwell Programming and Commissioning for Medical Device Assembly

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DMC provided programming and commissioning support for a machine assembling intubating stylets. This client develops and builds innovative and flexible manufacturing, assembly, and test systems. They sought out DMC for our deep Rockwell expertise and proven track record.


Offsite Programming

DMC started by providing about six weeks of offsite programming. The customer provided CAD models and videos of the machine and operation. To align with their standards, the client also provided the template code that we were to build the program off of. DMC worked on the base of the project and understood the machine's issues before going onsite. During this time, DMC also built the graphics for the PanelView HMI and updated it to look more modern.

Onsite Programming

When DMC arrived onsite, our engineers also supported the customer in bringing their electrical and pneumatic system online, completing the IO checkout, and debugging. Completing debugging before we started the program allowed us to limit downtime and provide more efficiency throughout the system. We then worked with the customer to get the basics of the stylet machine operation running.

The machine that DMC commissioned and programmed uses an indexing walking beam and pick-and-place arms controlled by Rockwell Kinetix drives. It performs processes such as tub and rod feeding, welding, tube cutting, pad printing, print inspection, full tube lubrication, and various bending operations.

The welders and the pad printer were completely new to the client. One of the benefits of working with DMC was that we were able to spend time with their team to run tests and figure out their new machines. We adapted quickly to the new hardware.

Team Collaboration

Our engineers collaborated with the client’s mechanical designers and other team members. Being flexible was key for this machine operation. We worked with the client to debug some complicated aspects of the system and had to be flexible with unexpected/unwanted events.

Collaborating flexibly with the client’s internal staff combined with our deep Rockwell expertise allowed us to complete this project in a timely matter with great success.

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Customer Benefits

  • Updated HMI interface
  • More efficient system: DMC helped the client meet timelines they otherwise would not have met
  • Debugging expertise: Due to our Rockwell expertise, there were a few issues in the system that DMC solved using collaboration between our wide network of experts
  • Collaboration with internal staff: DMC provided training to some of the client's staff and collaborated with other employees every step of the way