Allen-Bradley Kinetix Programming

Allen-Bradley Kinetix Servo DrivesDMC has many years of experience working with motion control systems powered by Allen-Bradley technology. We are experts in systems utilizing Allen-Bradley's main line of Kinetix servo drives, as well as Rockwell Automation's other motion offerings, including Ultra servo drives and Power Flex drives. Whether your drives are controlled by AB CompactLogix and ControlLogix PLCs or configured as a standalone system, our engineers can assist with commissioning, programming, repairs, updates, and expansion.

DMC's Approach to AB Kinetix Programming

Allen-Bradley Kinetix Servo MotorsFor the majority of the Kinetix models, DMC writes the logic and programming in the controlling PLC. For a moderate to complex system, we typically create one or more state machines within the PLC for motion instruction sequencing. This allows different sets of motion instructions to run in different situations without the risk of sending conflicting commands. This architecture allows for better fault and error handling and makes it easier to reset and re-initialize. For multi-axis systems, coordinated motion among multiple servos may be required, using the MAG (Motion Axis Gear) instruction.

Depending on your system, DMC uses software including RSLogix 5000, Studio 5000, and UltraWARE to program, configure, and control the servos. We also use Motion Analyzer to help you select products ideal for your specific application.

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