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Modernized Legacy Rotary Indexing Filler with Siemens S7-1511 PLC

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DMC modernized a rotary indexing filler for a manufacturer in the animal health industry. With our expertise in systems lacking documentation and unsupported legacy equipment, we successfully upgraded an obsolete Omron PLC with ambiguous code to a new Siemens PLC with robust code.


The client wanted to upgrade their current Omron S6 PLC to a more modern PLC to support ongoing maintainability and hardware availability. DMC handled the full implementation of the project, including hardware specification, hardware procurement, electrical schematics, code development, install, and commissioning. 

DMC began by scheduling a site visit to transcribe the current Omron PLC program, generate an I/O list, take dimensions, and create a rough functional specification for the machine. DMC also investigated the programmed Omron functions, with the expectation that most built-in functions would not be a direct translation into the new program. 

We then specified what hardware would be best suited for the project based on the client's needs, and we decided to use Siemens S7-1511 PLC due to the high hardware availability, low costs, and string feature set. We started on the translation of the complex Omron instruction list code to ladder logic, using TIA Portal as the programming software. 

Siemens s7 1500 PLC

Siemens S7-1500 PLC 

DMC successfully ramped up on the SYSMAC C-Series technology in a timely manner and utilized our expertise in the Siemens platform (including automation hardware, PLC programming, and onsite commissioning) to develop a robust solution that will be maintainable and supportable going forward. 

As we moved into the commissioning of the project, DMC’s hardware subcontractor wired and replaced the PLC. DMC then started the I/O checkout and commissioning. During the I/O checkout, we were unable to read any of the sensor inputs and soon realized that the old sensors were not compatible with the new PLC. The client needed the machine to be up and running within two days, so we provided an alternative, timely solution to replacing the sensors and added relays to switch the polarity of the sensor signal.

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Customer Benefits

  • Converted obsolete Omron equipment into modern Siemens implementation
    • Translated Omron PLC instruction list code to ladder logic
  • Developed updated and accurate electrical schematics