Legacy PLC Upgrade and Conversion Services

SIMATIC S5 PLCPLCs are built to last. While some controllers can last for decades, eventually everyone is faced with the need to upgrade and modernize their systems, especially when products are discontinued or have drastically increased prices. As equipment becomes obsolete, keeping your system up and running becomes increasingly difficult and expensive.

DMC offers PLC upgrade and system conversion services for a number of legacy controllers, including Allen-Bradley PLC-5, TI505, and Siemens S5 PLCs. Our engineers have extensive cross-platform experience with the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix/CompactLogix and Siemens S7 PLC series.

DMC’s Legacy PLC Upgrade and Conversion Services

Our team starts by gaining a complete understanding of your current system through a full system assessment and specification phase, which allows us to avoid pitfalls and delays during the project by planning ahead. Our ultimate goal is to minimize downtime while maximizing process improvements.

Our PLC services include:

  • System design and planning
  • Hardware selection and budgeting
  • Legacy system reverse engineering
  • Clean and modular code updates
  • Process optimization
  • Extensive testing and validation
  • Electrical design
  • Training and support

DMC is certified as a Siemens Solution Partner and a Rockwell Automation System Integrator, and our team has extensive experience working with both platforms.

Benefits of Upgrading

One of the greatest challenges of a legacy conversion is simply starting the project. Upgrading your PLCs sooner than later gives you the benefit of reduced downtime, as your facility can continue operations as DMC works to build your modernized system. Upgrading now also avoids the risk of pricey, patchwork rescue missions in the event of a system failure, or the hassle of trying to find replacement parts that are no longer in circulation.

Our customers enjoy benefits such as:

  • Greater reliability
  • Integration with modern MES and ERP systems
  • Improved processes
  • Easier system maintenance, modification, and expansion
  • Improved access to service and replacement parts
  • Full source code from DMC
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