SharePoint Consulting Services


SharePoint Consulting Services

What is SharePoint?
SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration portal that enables users to share, find, and manage content easily with features like document management, search, and wikis. The SharePoint platform's ability to aggregate data from different systems to create at-a-glance SharePoint Dashboard views of your business's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may be its most powerful and valuable feature.


What Can SharePoint Do?



Key Business Benefits

  • Find Documents Fast:  Search performs full-text indexing of all the words contained in the documents you store on your network drive or in SharePoint. DMC's SharePoint OCR Solution allows SharePoint to index image-only PDF files so they can be discovered via search.

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes with Contracts and Documents:  Document Management features like Version Control and Audit Trail allow teams to work together and avoid costly mistakes (e.g. sending a customer the wrong version of a document).

  • Establish Best Practices:  Use Wikis to easily create, maintain, and locate best practices and standard operating procedures.

  • Improve Team Collaboration and Communication:  Establish an Intranet Portal that is tailored to fit your organization structure and business processes.

  • Manage Projects Easily and Effectively:  Leverage Outlook-integrated Tasks, Alerts and Notifications to track team progress.

  • Improve Business Processes:  Use Workflow Automation and Online eForms to streamline business processes.

  • Make Better Decisions:  Take advantage of at-a-glance SharePoint Dashboards that provide a holistic view of business KPIs.

  • Change Employee Behavior:  Adjust and track employee performance KPIs to motivate employees to achieve company, department, and individual goals.

SharePoint's extranet feature is ideal for internal collaboration, as well as sharing information with external customers and vendors.

Which version of SharePoint is right for your organization?

In order to choose the version of SharePoint or Office 365 that is right for your organization, it is important to have a solid understanding of SharePoint’s capabilities along side a prioritized list of your key business and technology challenges.  This will help you create a phased roadmap of SharePoint initiatives to tackle your key business problems (as well as a list of issues that will require customization or an alternate solution).  There are several SharePoint versions to consider:

  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation (this is the free version that was previously known as Windows SharePoint Services or WSS)

  • SharePoint 2013 Standard Edition

  • SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Edition

  • Office 365 / SharePoint Online (this is the cloud version of SharePoint)

DMC can guide you every step of the way – SharePoint roadmap, version selection, project requirements, SharePoint installation, development, training, rollout, and ongoing management of you SharePoint solution.  DMC is an approved provider of Microsoft's SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) program.  The SDPS structure is ideal for organizations looking to implement SharePoint for the first time or looking to upgrade to a newer version of the platform.


DMC offers Microsoft SharePoint consulting services from our offices in Chicago, Boston, and Denver to customers worldwide. 


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