Siemens Solution Partner

Siemens Solution Partners are the #1 choice for the engineering, system integration, and implementation of superior, tailored, future-oriented solutions. With the greatest number of Siemens S7 certified engineers in North America, DMC has extensive knowledge and experience with process technology. Siemens Solution Partner certification ensures that DMC is delivering the highest quality in customized automation.


As a SIMATIC IT Partner, DMC offers value added services helping customers realize solutions tailored to their unique business environments in order to maximize the efficiency of MES/MOM installations. SIMATIC IT Partners are proficient in attaining production process transparency, identifying requirements, and developing, maintaining, and implementing leading MES solutions based on SIMATIC IT.

Siemens MEAC

DMC extended its partnership with Siemens SIMATIC IT by joining the Siemens MOM Expertise Alliance Center (MEAC). This partnership affords DMC access to an outstanding partner network of experts, as well as the latest tools for analyzing, planning, implementing, and executing MOM solutions and providing high performing and quality systems to DMC customers.

Siemens WinCC

Siemens WinCC LogoDMC has been recognized as a Siemens WinCC Specialist. This prestigious acknowledgment recognizes qualified experts who can implement complex SCADA projects using Siemens’ best practices. DMC's “quality and project management processes, and the technical WinCC-Know-How” has been approved by Siemens through a central audit process. This designation provides DMC with a direct line of communication to Siemens and ensures we're continually kept up to date on the latest features through regular training.

Siemens PCS 7

Siemens PCS 7 logoDMC is a certified Process Control Systems Solution Partner with experience creating DCS process control solutions based on Siemens PCS 7 and PCS neo. DMC has demonstrated expertise in implementing these robust hardware platforms and a uniform system architecture, offering flexible, efficient, and reliable solutions. 

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