Universal Robots Certified System Integrator

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As a Certified System Integrator (CSI) for Universal Robots, DMC has extensive experience implementing complex robot control using PolyScope and the Actin SDK (formerly owned by Energid). We have successfully completed custom robotic solutions offering complex path control, motion constraints, and more for custom advanced robotics applications using ActinRT, PolyScope, and Universal Robots

The Actin software toolkit enables real-time motion control for robotic hardware. As a former Energid Premiere Actin Integrator and current Universal Robots CSI, DMC has extensive experience implementing complex robot control using the Actin SDK. It requires advanced text-based programming expertise, typically in C++. With a core background in software engineering and industrial automation, and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, DMC is the perfect fit to assist with Actin implementations.

DMC engineers are experienced in implementing control over custom robotic solutions including 6-axis robots with custom degrees of freedom (rail-mounted, rotary table, gantry, delta, or otherwise). Our engineers also have expertise with complex path control, motion constraints, and other non-traditional robotic needs for custom advanced robotics applications.

Our team excels at working closely with end users as a consultant for the robotics system and related software process. DMC will analyze system requirements and provide a robotic solution that will improve quality and productivity. DMC specializes in programming turnkey robotic systems that include innovative designs, custom end-of-arm tooling, complete installation, and ongoing support.

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