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PLC5 and Wonderware to SIMATIC ET200 CPU and LabVIEW Upgrade for HVAC Test Chamber

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DMC worked with an automotive manufacturer to upgrade their HVAC test chamber controls from an outdated system that utilized an Allen Bradley PLC5 PLC with a Wonderware HMI. DMC's solution converted the test sequence controls and user interface to a LabVIEW application and the device controls to a SIMATIC ET200 CPU to align with other test chambers in their facility. 

This project was a great opportunity for DMCers all around to work together as we collaborated across our Manufacturing Automation, and Test and Measurement service areas. DMC has extensive experience working with multiple platforms.

DMC's solution retained all of the functionality of the original system plus additional features such as configurable I/O channels, and an updated look-and-feel of the UI.


DMC's client wanted to upgrade their HVAC test chambers which were running on Allen Bradley PLC5 controllers and Wonderware HMIs. Due to the age of the system and the creation of a global LabVIEW template for other test chambers in the facility, the client requested a full system upgrade. To perform this conversion, DMC was sought out as an expert in both PLC and LabVIEW technologies.

PLC technologies

To leverage the ET200 CPU technology fully, DMC wrote the new application from scratch, incorporating the use of Siemens Open Library blocks for device control, Technology Objects for PID control, and the Siemens LCom Library for simplified TCP communication with the LabVIEW application. The PLC5 source code was used as a reference point to ensure that all functionality of the old system was captured in the new system.

In the new LabVIEW portion of the application, DMC began with the global template developed by the customer. DMC provided internally-developed tools to accomplish the TCP communication with the PLC and modified the template as necessary to fit the requirements of this system. The LabVIEW-driven HMI retained the same look-and-feel as the other test systems in the client's facility but allowed for the device control to handled by the PLC.

HVAC chamber

The delivered solution addressed client requirements and requests by pulling from DMC's internally developed tools and by implementing best practices across service areas and technologies. With this foundation, DMC was able to easily and efficiently replicate this upgrade on multiple test chambers.

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Customer Benefits

  • Conversion to platforms with which internal teams are more familiar
  • Improved system reliability
  • Template project that can be deployed with only minor modifications to any of their existing test chambers
  • Improved diagnostic information and fault handling
  • Code base simplification and clean-up