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Flexible Desktop Application for Automotive Chip Flashing

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DMC developed a flexible desktop application to auto-flash the microprocessors of automotive products on an assembly line. The application interfaces with a PLC that determines which product requires flashing and controls the sequence.


DMC’s client had a dynamic manufacturing line that supported multiple variations of a product, each with its own unique firmware. The client needed a modular system to automate their labor-intensive flashing process.

DMC developed the initial proof of concept using the client’s hardware samples and flashing equipment at our facility. After working with the client to verify the proof-of-concept system and requirements, DMC worked with the client to commission and test the application at their production facility.

The resulting solution replaced the original, manual process with an automated system. The application’s automated firmware selection allowed multiple products, including new models in the future, to be supported on a single line.

The application also features logging capabilities and a user interface, granting the client the information needed to pinpoint which parts of the system require attention when issues arise.  

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Customer Benefits

  • Automation reduced labor-intensive process.
  • Enabled multiple products to be supported on one line by one system.
  • User interface provides maintenance capabilities.