PC Application Development

Corp PC Application Developed by DMC

Desktop Software Development

DMC develops custom software for desktop Windows and Linux. We focus on intuitive, visually pleasing front ends and solid code structure. 

For more details, please check out our Application Development services. Details on the types of applications we build for our clients can be found on the main Application Development service page, ranging from engineering tools to hardware configuration and connectivity, to business productivity and dashboarding, and more.

PC application developed by DMCDepending on the needs of the application, DMC develops in both managed and unmanaged code and both real-time and traditional desktop environments.


Our Desktop Application Development Tools & Platforms

As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, we are experts in the Microsoft stack and other platforms as well:

  • Microsoft/C#
    • WPF
    • UWP
    • MAUI
    • WinForms
    • WinUI 3
  • Qt
    • C++
    • Python (PyQt)
    • QML
  • Electron


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