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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 2, Issue 11

January 12, 2012



Engineering Insight



Combine a Bluetooth and a 1989 Motorola


Integrating SharePoint 2010 with MSFT CRM


LabVIEW Drivers for Industrial Food & Beverage Appliance




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DMC's Office Pet


Explore the development of DMC's robot army, er office pet, with the autonomous robot built by Alex, Cesar, and Jimmy during FedEx Day.


Employee Spotlight: Deborah Nunaley


From motorcycling to life on a farm, find out more about DMC's Office Manager, Deborah, in this month's Employee Spotlight!


Thingomatic 3D Printer


The Thingomatic 3D printer evolves from concept to cookies in the course of one DMC FedEx Day. Check out the story behind Eric, Boris, and Ryan's project and see some video of the printer in action!


DMC Quote Board


Which is the least talented band section? Find out more in January's quotable moments.



Geek Challenge: Beeramid by the Numbers


During a New Year's Eve party, a simple pyramid was constructed by standing 3 beer cans on a table in a triangle, and then placing a single can on the top center of the three. The pyramid was expanded by expanding the triangular base to 3 cans on each side, adding 2 more cans to the second layer and adding a single can on top as the third layer.

How many cans are in the pyramid when it is expanded to 8 layers?  

A. 70
B. 85

C. 120

D. 256


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