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Fast Embedded Prototyping with FEZ Cobra

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DMC Monthly Update 
Volume 1, Issue 5
July 28, 2010


Join us on August 19th for an executive breakfast workshop focusing on defining Key Performance Indicators and using SharePoint to achieve business goals.
Happy 14th Anniversary DMC!
Frank reflects on bad wedding music, DMC's beginnings, and a few things he's learned along the way.
Why 1% is a Big Deal 
Not convinced?  Do the math and learn why incremental improvement can have
a real impact on your bottom line.
Read about Danny's robot utopia and time spent in prison.




Bastille Day 5K 2010 
Are you faster than an engineer?
Read on to see if you could outrun
Team DMC.

30 Second Survey
The Chicago Air & Water Show takes place August 14-15. Where is the best place to watch it?
June Survey Results
What summer project will you be engineering?
 Vegetable garden with bunny zapper - 11%
 World Cup worthy home theater - 22%
 Perfectly grilled barbecue fare - 67%
July Geek Challenge
Our Geek Challenge this month comes from Eric Anderson, DMC's resident roller coaster geek. 
The objective is to make a straight coaster loop with the rider experiencing a near constant G-Force through the loop.  What geometric shape should the designer start with?  How, and for what considerations should that shape be modified? 
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