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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 4, Issue 10

January 9, 2014

Chicago Becomes Planet Hoth
Find out how DMC employees spend a day in subzero temperatures.
Employee Spotlight: Grant Anderson
Are you curious about LARP? Grant teaches us a thing or two in this video.
Pediatric Hospital Test Chamber
Learn how DMC used LabVIEW to to develop a solution for Lurie Children's Hospital.
Keyence LJ-V Lasers for LabVIEW
Integrate the Keyence LJ-V series lasers into your LabVIEW application!
DMC Employees Find Their Strengths
We're "Learners," "Achievers," and "Analytical." What are your top strengths?
DMC Comics
"You may be an engineer if..." Laugh along to our tell-tale signs of an engineer.
January Quote Board
Mark reveals his spirit animal in this month's quotable moments. What is yours?
Geek Challenge Results: Snowman
How high can you build a snowman? Two people's answers stacked up to this challenge!

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