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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 4, Issue 12

March 6, 2014

Is Your Head in the Cloud?
Learn 30 tips in 30 minutes and address Cloud questions at our Office 365 event on March 13.
Employee Spotlight: David Ufford
Looking for Chicago burger recommendations or Microsoft solutions? David is your guy.
Boston's Inaugural Holiday Party
What's our party destination? Hint: Malcom X called this place home at one time.
What's It Like to Start Working at DMC?
Day 1: Projects ready and employees revved. Work and fun start from the get-go at DMC.
How To: Source Code Protection
Learn how to manage a shared library of reusable code in RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000.
DMC Comics
Why become an engineer? This comic reveals the most compelling reason of all.
March Quote Board
How should we decorate the DMC elevator and what will Mark title his autobiography?
Geek Challenge Results: A Balancing Act
Which way did the scale tip? Did it tip at all? Find out the answer and the winner!

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