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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 5, Issue 11 | February 5, 2015

DMC Chicago celebrated another great year of growth at the Trump Tower in Downtown Chicago.
Chicago Holiday Party
DMC Chicago celebrated a year of accomplishments at the scenic Trump Tower.
DMC Denver celebrated its inaugural holiday party at Guard and Grace in LoDo.
Denver Holiday Party
DMC Denver held its inaugural holiday party complete with bourbon, steak, and laughter.
Siemens WinCC OA is a powerful open architecture SCADA package. Learn why DMC uses it for projects.
The Power of Siemens WinCC OA
WinCC OA is one of the most adaptable SCADA packages out there. Learn what it can do.
Meet Matt Goedke, DMC engineer who works on LabVIEW and embedded projects in Chicago.
Employee Spotlight: Matt Goedke
Matt shares his favorite place to grab a beer in Chicago and which retro video games rule.
DMC Chicago headed to WBEZ headquarters to watch NPR's Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me live.
Generate Contracts in SP 2013
Have you ever wanted to automate contract generation in SharePoint 2013?
How many traingles are in this fractal snowflake?
Geek Challenge Results: Snowflake
This month's geeky winner used Java to show the recursive nature of the problem.
The fun office culture at DMC allows for this silly quote board full of engineering humor.
February Quote Board
Boris wants to blow stuff up and Mike examines the smell of the El this month at DMC.
In this edition of the DMC comic, animals become engineers and figuring out animal problems.
DMC Comic
Meeting productivity plummets for the cats this month in the DMC Animal Comics series.

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