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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 5, Issue 12 | March 5, 2015

DMC Denver invites you to celebrate Opening Day for the office on Opening Day for the Rockies.
DMC Denver's Opening Day Party
RSVP for tickets to join us at the Rockies' game or visit our post-game open house!
DMC and Siemens developed a line monitoring toll for overall equipment effectiveness using SIMATIC IT.
SIMATIC IT Line Monitoring Tool
DMC and Siemens developed a tool to measure overall equipment effectiveness.
This month's employee spotlight features senior project engineer Kevin Ferrigno.
DMSki Hits The Slopes
Our fifth annual ski outing provided plenty of memories and intense video footage.
Meet Matt Goedke, DMC engineer who works on LabVIEW and embedded projects in Chicago.
Employee Spotlight: Kevin Ferrigno
From machine building to systems integration, Kevin has done it all in industrial automation.
Standard Vs Signature Cloud Support
What are the advantages of Signature Cloud Support, and why should you care?
How many traingles are in this fractal snowflake?
Turnkey Appliance Test System
DMC developed a complete turnkey test lab for consumer appliances.
The fun office culture at DMC allows for this silly quote board full of engineering humor.
March Quote Board
Engineers investigate the similarities between spinach and beer while sharing in laughs.
In this edition of the DMC comic, animals become engineers and figuring out animal problems.
DMC Comic
In this month's comic, engineers engage in an age old race with a technology twist.

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