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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 6, Issue 1 | April 9, 2015

DMC is opening two new offices: one in New York, NY and another in Houston, TX.
DMC Opening Two New Offices
DMC is expanding this year to open new offices in New York, NY and Houston, TX.
DMC was named a top place to work for Millenials and Gen X employees by Crain's Chicago Business.
DMC Named a Top Workplace by Crain's 
DMC topped Crain's best places to work for Millennials and Gen X employees.
DMC is going to present at CSIA 2015 on the topic of motivating engineers to write web content.
DMC to Present at CSIA 2015
Ever wondered how to motivate engineers to create web content? Check us out at CSIA.
Meet Adam Wojcik: an engineer who likes to sew, hike travel and hone is blacksmithing skills.
Employee Spotlight: Adam Wojcik
Aside from engineering, you can find Adam blacksmithing, sewing, and hiking.
In htis tutorial video, engineer Frank May teaches you how to make and test your first android app.
Make & Test Your 1st Android App
In this tutorial video, Frank May teaches you how to make and test an android app FAST.
In this spoof on The Office, DMC Boston explores the quirks of office life.
The DMC Office Episode
From office cats to The Bachelor pools, DMC Boston leads an interesting work life.
The fun office culture at DMC allows for this silly quote board full of engineering humor.
April Quote Board
Sudeep expounds the joys of Chipotle while Bill reveals the benefit of being human.
In this edition of the DMC comic, animals become engineers and figuring out animal problems.
DMC Comic
In this month's shocking comic, two engineers re-enact an old 80's classic.

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