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NASA Battery Simulation System


NASA Battery Simulation System

DMC leveraged our established Battery Management System (BMS) Testing Platform to deliver an automated Battery Simulator System to a NASA research group. NASA needed this system to facilitate development of highly specialized battery devices. These battery systems were designed to provide mobile power for advanced electromechanical systems such as Robonaut 2, a dexterous humanoid robot created to perform a wide range of tasks to assist astronauts on the International Space Station

The Battery Simulator System delivered by DMC provides the ability to test BMS devices using a Hardware In the Loop (HIL) testing approach. This HIL testing is performed before those devices are fully incorporated into the large battery packs they are designed to monitor and manage. The system provides software-controlled simulated signals for all input sensors connected to the BMS, and provides the ability measure relevant outputs and responses from the BMS. This makes it possible to perform fully automated testing and validation of BMS functionality across any realistic range of input conditions the device may encounter in field operation.

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